Ababi Mondays: Looking back

Mary and I have been thinking a lot about this site and about those of you who read it. From your responses it seems like there are a number of people that get a lot out of our story and that is very encouraging for us. Coming this Christmas Eve we are going to make the next big step in this site and hope that all of you get more encouragement and support out of what is provided here.


Mary and I have both traveled internationally a fair amount and so far one of the best experiences we’ve had on a flight has been with Ethiopian Airlines. The plane was very well kept and fairly new compared to some that we’ve taken to Europe and the staff was always very friendly and welcoming. The only downside was the 18hr on plane time from Dulles to Addis Ababa. Well when they announced that with their new Boeing 777 they were cutting 3hrs off the time we were both really wishing we could go, then they slashed prices and now are offering this deal…

Really, if you have even been thinking about heading to Ethiopia, this is a great deal and I would encourage you to take it.

** Ethiopian Airlines did not pay us for this post, but if they wanted to we’d be opening to accepting it!


Since seeing the airline deal got me thinking about going back to Ethiopia, I decided to share a few pictures that highlight life in Addis Ababa. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “Ababi Mondays: Looking back

  1. Gorgeous photos! My brother has gone to Africa twice now, once to Ghana for a program through his seminary program and once to Uganda to stay with friends for the summer. I’ll have to let him know about this deal, as he was worried about funds for the tickets, thinking it might prevent him from returning!

    • findingmagnolia


      I really hope that works out for your brother! It’s a great deal and a great place to go.

      I look back now a wished I had taken more photos. I still have the images in my mind of what I wanted to capture but just didn’t have the foresight to capture it at that time. Of course we were a little preoccupied ;). We will return and I can grab those sights and more next time.

      – Ababi

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