Help Us Choose Our Holiday Card Photo!

I have a pretty severe case of decision making disorder, and after I viewed the photos of Zinashi, I realized that there was no way I’d be able to choose which photo to put on our card. I briefly considered printing three different ones, but then I’d have to decide which person got which photo on their card, and that’s even worse! But then it hit me: why not ask the people who know best? Yes, that’s right, I’m asking you! Because you clearly have excellent taste and a keen eye for what will wow the recipients of our holiday card. Without further ado, here are your choices:

christmas classic
Photo 1

hold your skirt up and CHEESE
Photo 2

for the holiday card?
Photo 3

Or this photo of Jarod, showing Zinashi how it’s done:

for jarod's personal holiday cards

He does look quite festive in his red work fleece, don’t you think?

Vote right here:

You may also cast a write-in vote by viewing the set and leaving a comment here on the blog, stating the caption of the photo your prefer. The photo must be placed horizontally on the card, so please choose either a horizontal photo or one that can be cropped nicely to fit in our horizontal cards.

Voting will continue through Saturday morning at 10am Central Standard Time. Please vote early and often. No one will know if you vote twice or eleventy kajillion times, but please be responsible with your votes. Thank you and have a happy holiday season.



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10 responses to “Help Us Choose Our Holiday Card Photo!

  1. A coworker and I decided on #2. It is adorable.

  2. Shawna Rosen

    #2 for sure … love that smile!! πŸ™‚

  3. Kori Kimble-Anderson

    #2 is definitely a contender, but I love the candid shot of her with her tongue sticking out πŸ˜‰
    I can see why you would have such difficulty in choosing! She is such a photogenic little girl!!

  4. Bria

    I like 3 because it’s candid and fun and full of personality. What a gorgeous daughter you have!!

  5. Sarah

    Do you have to pick just one? what if you did a little motif with all 3? She is absolutely breathtaking! πŸ™‚

  6. She is beautiful, so all the photos are. But #1 is fresh, honest and compelling. It’s the least “cutie,” but I love it.

  7. Oh, Jarod! It’s not that he’s not cute too…but, as I’m sure you’re learning, kids trump adults. My mom has no problem reminding me of that often, now that I have children.

  8. Jenni

    I just have to say that the photos of her wandering away looking so small in that location are magical. Truly epic. If Ethiopia could see her now! What a beautiful set of a beautiful little lady.

  9. Jen

    Like everyone else, they are all cover worthy but I’m with number 1. I love the background lighting of the tree mixed with the perfect red bows…front and center, your little angel. Her smile could light up the world, that girl!
    Happy Holidays! what a wonderful way to bring in a new year with this delightful girl.

  10. Oh man. I know I am too late but I would not have picked just one. That looks like the beginning of a great photo collage to me.

    I love the tongue sticking out and the little princess pose… all so ADORABLE! ❀

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