This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: Our Heads Win

Jarod didn’t work until noon today, so I took this as a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by dressing Zinashi in her holiday best and doing a little photo shoot prior to dropping him off and visiting Old Lady Mary. I figured that this way I wouldn’t have to figure out something impressive for Zinashi two days this week, and I could also have a little help wrangling the little wiggler in an attempt to get a good photo for our holiday cards.* I dressed in my most recent Target clearance purchase, and we got the job done.

Well, except that Old Lady Mary only noticed our heads. She loved Zinashi’s big bow (which is an adult-sized headband from Forever 21, which means that either their headbands run small or our daughter’s head is enormous) and she thought my bangs were cute. She made a point of telling me I had cute hair more than once. But were there comments about our fabulous outfits? No, there were not.

tuesday, december 14, 2010


We should probably stop trying to so hard, but I’m not ready to give up yet. Because who knows? Maybe next week she’ll notice our fabulousness.

*At least we got some good photos of Zinashi for the cards. A little set is here, and tomorrow we’ll be asking you to vote on our three favorites to determine which goes on our card. Come back tomorrow afternoon to see the photos and cast your vote.


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  1. Well, whether she notices or not, isn’t it fun sometimes to feel pretty? I mean, it’s a lot of work to get everyone dolled up and then try and do yourself too, but you know you gotta love it;)

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