This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: Great!

We went a little later than usual to visit OLM since Jarod started work at noon today instead of the usual Tuesday start time of 9am. At first, I thought this would be capital A for AWESOME, but in reality, it completely threw our day off. I’m on a quest to have Zinashi asleep by 1:30pm so that she can get her hour and a half usual nap, but still be up by 3pm. Well, when you decide to engage in an argument with OLM about whether or not a fellow resident telling her she’s getting her a present for Christmas means that the person is getting her a pet and trying to ruin her life, well…you won’t leave there until 1pm. You’ll get home at 1:25pm. You’ll make a quick lunch, and your child will go to bed at 2:15pm, but…then the cat will feel extra needy and keep meowing and pawing at the door…and your daughter will get worried about the cat…and 3:11pm will be the time your child finally falls asleep.

So argh. At least we got dressed properly for our visit:

tuesday, december 7, 2010

OLM declared Zinashi a cutie pie several times, and said I looked great, though apparently I’m still not up to my pre-motherhood fashion model status. And I did still get questioned about whether I was dressed warmly enough, but I really cannot be bothered by that anymore. I must save my energies for telling OLM that it’s rude to send your neighbor a note saying you don’t want any pets PERIOD, and YOU’D BETTER GET THIS when all she said was that she was getting you was a present. (Why am I still so irritated by this? I mean, seriously. If her neighbors hate her, it won’t really matter. She doesn’t like to talk to them anyway because she suspects them of doing terrible things to her, like getting her a pet as a present.) At least she doesn’t yet suspect me of such antics, but maybe I’m just a few steps away from suspicion. However, Zinashi is too young to potentially hatch plots to take Old Lady Mary down, so I’m pretty sure that as long as the cutie pie keeps coming with me, I won’t be denied entry.

And so, onward to next week, when I will try wearing a hat and keeping my coat on in order to return to supermodel-dom and allay Mary’s fears about my warmth. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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