This Tuesday with Old Lady Mary: PLAID

When it gets cold, Old Lady Mary worries about me freezing, and now she’s got a second person to worry about. Her days are probably all a tizzy of worry about no hats and the child that won’t wear gloves and WAIT! THAT LITTLE GIRL IS WEARING MY FAVORITE PATTERN!

Old Lady Mary loves plaid. She was wearing a plaid shirt today. Therefore, she and Zinashi match and both have excellent taste.

tuesday, november 30, 2010

Old Lady Mary is unaware of who lays out the outfits around here, but that’s okay. I’ll let Zinashi take the credit. After all, she does keep letting me put her in shorts and legwarmers. She needs to get a little something for her tolerance of my ridiculousness.

Mary did love the shirt Zinashi was wearing, and she inspected the coat once again, declaring it an “eskimo coat” this time as opposed to something one of the Claus clan would wear. The only thing we really discussed about my outfit was the footwear. Are those boots warm enough? How do you get them on and off? Won’t you fall with a heel like that on your boot? We have this same discussion several times each winter; by now I’ve memorized my lines. At least this time I could distract her with Zinashi’s charm. I clearly am not distracting her with my outfits anymore.

Oh, well. I’ll keep trying. Check back next Tuesday to see if further efforts pay off or fall flat in the wake of the tiny Queen of Sheba’s considerable style and grace. If this doesn’t start going better, I may just have to show up in head to toe polar fleece. At least then she’ll believe I know how to dress myself for the weather, right?


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  1. Shawna Rosen

    Mary, I think your outfit is amazing! I might even declare it my favorite OLM outfit ever! Yes, there, I do declare it!!

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