Ababi Mondays: Not about me…

So I got to spend the morning by myself which was nice. There’s not much alone time anymore. Of course those of you with kids already know that. Both Mary and I do value a little alone time and we try to make sure we both get it. After the afternoon nap we went to get some supplies to start to spread a little holiday cheer around the house.

So after this…

And this…

We ended with this…

And just like the hippies we are, you can see we got a potted tree so that we can plant it after Christmas instead of just cutting another one down. Hippies!


What I really wanted to post about today though was the other girl in my life. Yesterday was Mary’s birthday. So as a family we all went to the Plaza and went shopping for some things for “Mami” (sounds kind of like mommy but different, more Ethiopian).

We saw some horses…
Enjoying the scenery

And then we all went out to eat…
Mami's birthday dinner

Mary doesn’t get nearly enough credit for all the work she put in to make bringing Zinash home a reality. She was passionate about every step. She made sure everything was just right. She went beyond her comfort zone to make it happen. She was fighting for someone she didn’t even know yet. At the same time she was fighting for me, and us. Working so hard to make a family. Struggling to make everything perfect for this moment…
happy mami

The moment we became a family.

Happy Birthday Mami! I love you more than can be expressed.



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3 responses to “Ababi Mondays: Not about me…

  1. This is incredibly sweet. You guys are an inspiration to take the time to really enjoy the people we are blessed to love.

  2. I LOVE the picture with the horse and her little fingers. Happy Birthday, Mary! Your family loves you an incredible lot!

  3. Katy

    Hmmmmmm. Seems like your husband is way cooler than mine. This is really, really nice. Happy belated birthday.

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