Our Very Own Black Friday Sale

There was a time when we needed financial help just to make it through to the next fee, to get our girl home without being completely sunk in debt. We did a lot of things to raise funds; looking back, I think it might have been a little much, that maybe we should have focused more on one single thing and listened to our hearts and guts about others. But all those small things did add up, and it has helped immensely. She wouldn’t be here without the help, and we know it, and we are grateful. As we look ahead to the future, we purpose to put ourselves in a financial position that won’t leave us grasping at so many straws the next time around. Because, yes, we are already thinking about the next time around. It will be a year before we can start paperwork again, then who knows how long before the next daughter comes along. But we know she will; we planned on it before, but we knew once we met Zinashi that she would need a sibling. To start our planning and saving now simply means that we will be as ready as possible.

To that end, we are clearing out last year’s goods in our Finding Magnolia online store. All our shirts and totes with the Finding Magnolia logo are half off, and we’ve put some of our old card designs on sale as well. For Black Friday only, take an additional 20% off our clearance products and anything else in the store by entering the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. Added to the store are some brand new card sets that I think you’ll love, and with 20% off, that’s a holiday gift option that can’t be beat. As always, every single penny made in the store goes into our adoption fund–for the remainder of the fees for this time and to begin anew as we look ahead to someday and a house even more full of joy.

If this go ’round is any indication of what’s to come, then it’s going to be just awesome, isn’t it?

the face off

I think the answer to that question is YES.


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