Thanksgiving Eve

Yesterday we finally received a follow-up call from our international adoption doctor about the results of lab work from two weeks ago. The biggest thing that was of concern we already knew about; Zinashi has giardia. The health department called us last week to ask questions about where she might have gotten it, and when I said, “Ethiopia,” the woman seemed surprised. We weren’t, though; I have yet to meet a family whose toddler or older child adopted from Ethiopia that did not have it when tested upon arrival. The only other abnormality is that her hemoglobin is a little low, but not low enough to require a supplement. She’s just barely not anemic, which is good enough for us. I can just feed her some steaks for dinner, right?

The doctor called in the prescription for the giardia medication, we picked it up today, and after three days of strawberry flavored protazoa-killer, our girl should be good to go. This is the same girl that landed on the waiting child list due to a medical issue. That issue has resolved itself, and we are proud parents of a healthy, probably-three-year-old girl. And that’s something for which we can most certainly give thanks.

What will you be giving thanks for this holiday season?


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One response to “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. Sharon

    1. You, for being a friend to beat all friends. The two of you – Jarod and you – who graciously took me in for three weeks and would have let me stay longer if I needed. And you three, which have been almost my only great and happy news in 19 months.
    2. My health, my health care, my many doctors and paramedical team including occupational therapists, psych nurses, social workers, and on and on, the Province of BC that paid for much of those treatments and hosp stays, and my employer insurance that covered almost all of the rest. My meds being of quiality and again, 99% paid for.
    3. Friends who helped when I needed it with the practical or kind words or anything. One friend took it upon herself to do all my laundry when I was in Florida. My new church and the people and pastors I know there.
    4. My lawyer, psychiatrist and new room mate, all of whom have improved my life and/or fought for me.
    5. Hope. If there were no hope, then … ?

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