Ababi Mondays: Work Edition

Normally Ababi Mondays would look something like this…

Zinashi and I off taking a walk or hanging out at home. This monday is a little different though. It looks a little more like this…

A bagged lunch (already eaten) and a computer screen. Of course Zinash and Mami brought the lunch since I forgot it this morning.

So why not take this time to talk a little bit about work and how that has affected our time with Zinash. I’ve got to say right off the bat that without the people I work with and the benefits I receive it would have been much harder to bring Zinashi home. The company provides some great adoption financial adoption assistance/reimbursement. That is hugely beneficial.

But more than that it is the people that I work with that helped.

The original plan for Mary and I was for me to make two trips to Ethiopia. For those of you who know the story you know it didn’t work out like that. It end up more like the 3 of us flying out of Addis 1.5 hours before my month long visa expired.

The night we moved out of the HOH Guest House and into Mr. Martin’s Cozy Place I knew that I was not going back to the states any time soon. That began the rush to get everything covered. With little email and phone access it was not easy. I emailed the people I work with and told them what was going on and their response was “Awesome! Let us know what we can do to help.” Not a lot of work environments are that accepting of receiving an email and saying that you’re not going to be coming back in for a month or longer (we still didn’t know when we were going to be back at that point).

When we finally did get back I was still able to take 5 more days off to get un-jetlagged and help Zinash get used to her new cats. When I finally did start back to work Mary and I really didn’t know what to expect. Zinash handled it ok, but like previous big transitions we had, she began to regress in her ability to go to sleep at a decent hour. This is something that we are just now starting to see some normalcy in. Each night over the past week has seemed to be just a touch easier. Of course now that I say that I have just jinxed us and we are going back to midnight bedtimes.

Some countries give paternity leave that is measured in months. In the states we are lucky to get any at all. I think both Mary and I feel really blessed that the company and people I work/with for has been so encouraging and flexible. It’s really one less thing to worry about.


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  1. Mark Begemann

    i’m glad your cohorts could cover for you but also know that you were/are doing the real work. keep it up.

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