This is My Way of Thanking People Until I Can Get Proper Thank You Notes Written

I got a call while Zinashi was still finishing lunch, and it was our meal provider for tonight, outlining the meal and arranging a time to bring it by. We have been spoiled by all these meals, and by spoiled, I mean that we will find ourselves staring down a box of pasta and a jar of sauce one evening and sigh to each other, “Do you remember that time Steve brought the rustic vegetable tart?” I love to cook, but it’s enough of a challenge trying to put breakfast and lunch and some dinners on the table; I can’t imagine what these first three weeks would have been like without a meal magically showing up every third evening. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood over the stove at lunchtime, warming the last of whatever leftovers we have, and wondering just what I can pull out of my very tired hat for dinner. And then it will occur to me that Oh! Someone is bringing us food!, and I feel instantly relieved. It has been so nice to have this done for us. If you know someone who is adopting, bringing food to ease their transition into life with their new child is very much welcomed and will probably keep some new mother from weeping at the thought of having to come up with something else to cook, when her brain is already so full of things to think about, and she’s jet-lagged, and the budget is just too tight to have something delivered, or even to pick something up somewhere close by. This has been a light at the end of quite a few little tunnels, and we are grateful.

Thanks, everybody. You’re the best.


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