Ababi Mondays: Zoo-nashi!

Mary has been saying that I could/should write something on the site. Something to give my perspective. And she’s right. I should. There are a lot of adoption/family blogs out there but hardly any of them have the father’s view. I’m not sure why this is, but it is.

Since I’m not as great with writing as Mary is I decided to keep my posts to a weekly feature. Ababi Mondays!

Ababi is the name that Zinash gave me while we were in Ethiopia. Neither of us are sure where she got it but she started doing and Mary thought it was cute (as did I). We were told it’s the Amharic equivalent of Father. So hey it works, and honestly, it is really cute when Zinash says it.

As for Mondays, well, That’s the day I’m usually off work and get to spend the most time with Zinash.

looking at the sea lion, who was sunning himself beautifully

This Monday we decided to head off to the Zoo.


The sea lion was nice.

Zinashi and the meer cat.

The meerkats were funny

But honestly…


The new polar bear exhibit was the best of all!


After the afternoon nap we all took a walk to Target. The whole day wore the 3 of us out and it showed tonight. As Mary has mentioned before, when Zinash has big, stimulating days she has trouble going to sleep at night. Well tonight was one of those nights. It’s rough on both Mary and I because we feel like we are failing her when we get frustrated that she won’t go to sleep, but honestly it’s kind of our fault. We know right now she can’t handle the stimulation of a busy day. We just hope and pray that later in life she’ll remember the good parts of the day and not our frustration with her when we are trying to get her to sleep.

Maybe someday she’ll get past the sleep issue. Maybe not. She might be one of those kids that just can’t handle a lot of action during the day. Who knows. Right now we just have to learn as we go along. Mary’s pretty good at figuring this stuff out and a lot of times I just follow her lead.


I hope you all enjoy Ababi Mondays. If so, then please let me know. It will encourage me (force me!) to keep up with it (which I honestly really want to do)!



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10 responses to “Ababi Mondays: Zoo-nashi!

  1. Sarah

    Be encouraged! Keep blogging!

  2. Zinashi's Nana :)

    You are a great Ababi! This is a wonderful blog, and your Monday writings are very welcome!! Joan

  3. Susan B.

    I have enjoyed following your journey very much, and it is great to hear your thoughts Jarod. You are both wonderful parents and your daughter is just beautiful!

  4. I love this!! Keep going!!

  5. yes, we’d like you to keep writing!

  6. Jen

    Hey Ababi Jarod!
    Greetings from Toronto!
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your family’s journey and think your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.
    I think the short videos you’ve made in the past were awesome and I hope to see more.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  7. findingmagnolia

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I will keep up with the posts and videos since they have been a hit so far.

    Is there anything specific you’d like to see from my point of view or questions you have? Just let me know and I’ll see what I can do to address them.


  8. Aimee

    LOVE hearing comments from both Momma and Ababi! 🙂 Keep the posts and sweet pics coming! 🙂

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