Gratuitous Photo

All my brilliant thoughts disappeared when my brilliant daughter was awakened halfway through her naptime by the trash truck. Next time, I will blog first and do chores later, and you will get more than just another photo of our beautiful girl.

yeneh konjo

Not that I hear anyone complaining about the photos.

Do I?



I didn’t think so.

Enjoy your weekend.



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4 responses to “Gratuitous Photo

  1. Glo

    No complaining here! I love here fashion style!

    • Glo

      Oops! Her fashion style. 🙂 (I’d love to get a dress like that for my niece – where did you get it?)

      • findingmagnolia

        Thanks, Glo! Dressing her is my new hobby. She gets really excited about clothes, so it’s fun.

        That piece is actually just a top, not a full dress, and we got it at Monsoon in London last year. They have tons of cute kid stuff, and it’s all ethically produced. The web address for the children’s line is:

  2. Definitely no complaining over here. She is such a beautiful child and I echo the sentiments about great fashion sense! Aren’t girls so fun?

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