The First Day of the Rest of Our Days

Today we’ve been two weeks home, and this is the first day that I can say that life looked like I imagined it would look for us as a family. Waking up together. Keeping it low key, creating a peaceful place for our daughter to feel safe and happy and loved. Up to this point, there were too many new places and faces and activities. My gut instinct told me all along that it was too much, but my guilt instinct took over far too much of the time, and what resulted was an overstimulated little girl who couldn’t fall asleep. Who would, in those circumstances? It was all too much. So today, finally, better late than never, I set about creating the kind of life we want to live with our daughter. Slow. Relaxed. Close. We were here at home for most of the day. I held her when I could and put a variety of toys near me in the kitchen when I couldn’t. And she relaxed; the change was visible. At nap time, further proof: she didn’t fight sleep at all. At bedtime, which is the tougher of the two, she fell asleep after much less of a fight. I believe it took Jarod less than an hour to get her to sleep, including book reading and nighttime prayers. Tomorrow we will order our day in much the same way, and the day after that, and all told I hope to have two weeks of mostly nothing going on for her. I want to give her a solid base of routine and rest before we throw in anything, or anyone new. We love that so many people have been so anxious to meet Zinashi and play with her and do fun things with and for her. We are grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm. And now, we are grateful for the chance to have a little do-over. The first two weeks, take two. This is about to get even more awesome.

one of my favorite shots of her



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6 responses to “The First Day of the Rest of Our Days

  1. Emily K.

    You are very, very wise to follow your gut. I can see why it would be very important right now. You have to let the glue dry!

    My kids are 8 and 10 and I still have to remember to take time to slow down and let them re-set. We take days off just to be home together, reading and having whatever meandering conversation we need to have. It’s hard to explain that to people sometimes, but people need alone time, and time to be quiet together with those people in their inner circle. You’re a great mom.

  2. Emily K.

    Also, I think the hippies call it the babymoon. I’m exposing my granola side here, but I think it’s a fantastic concept.

    • findingmagnolia

      I love the idea of a babymoon, and if that’s what we’re having now, it certainly is blissful, and I wish more people could see the value of slowing down and allowing time for a new family to grow.

      There is nothing wrong with exposing your granola side. We like to hippie it up around here all of the time, and by “all of the time,” I mean every morning when we put on our homemade deodorant. We’re pretty much on the verge of soaking ourselves in patchouli and braiding our own hemp sandals.

  3. Sharon

    Good for you guys!

  4. Hooray for take 2!

    Is she wearing really long socks/tights? So cute!

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