Pretty Great

Last night was one of the worst we’ve had sleepwise, and I am now ready to bribe any Mac Genius at the Plaza store who will switch shifts with my husband on the days he’s scheduled to work the 2-11pm shift. Even the noon to 9pm shift is fine! Any shift but that one! Switcheroo, and I will throw so many baked goods at you, you’ll be in a sugar coma until March. Because here’s the deal: Zinashi cannot yet fall asleep if we are not both here. What this translates into is two hours of rocking, repositioning, renegotiating, and still having an awake (and now-overtired for extra fun) three-year-old who cannot get settled because she is not yet sure that Ababi will come back. And then when she finally does sleep, after sobbing when he finally does show up, it is fitful and it is not fun.

All that said, today has been good. We dropped Ababi off at work, and Zinashi ate breakfast at Starbucks, wearing her sparkly heart sunglasses for extra glamour. She successfully transitioned from needing me to hold her hand while she is in the car to just resting that hand on the car seat and alternately praising me and the car for doing such a good job. I especially like it when she tells the car it’s doing a good job. Gobez machina! Indeed.

We also managed a little shopping at Urban Mining, before it got too crowded and overwhelming (for both of us), and I had my favorite kind of Zinashi-meets-someone moment, where we see someone we know and chat briefly and then go on about our day. There’s so much less pressure! And then we get in our car when we feel like it and go home! In this case, we came home with a few treasures, nothing big since our budget is tight, but a couple of Christmas decorations (it would have been more if Zinashi had her way), a bow for Zinashi to wear on Thanksgiving, and a full length mirror that we can actually hang on the wall. And this, that she is sitting on:

new hairdo and a little baby doll nurture

She picked it out herself, and then she sat very still in it, lollipop in hand or mouth, while I did her hair. This is our very first hairdo, and we are kind of proud of it. She did a marvelous job sitting still, and I didn’t wimp out before we were done and lunge for a hat instead. I’d say we both deserve a gobez, and Zinashi gets a konjo as well. Not that she didn’t say it to herself enough as she gazed at her reflection, but still. I’ll add a few extra words of praise because it really was an excellent job sitting still for someone who hasn’t had her hair done before. And then when we were done, she helped with with the laundry. She’s pretty great, don’t you think?



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6 responses to “Pretty Great

  1. Hopeful visitor

    Ack–I remembered at the last minute today that there was a free dance performance at the Nelson. It was a group of dancers and drummers from Ghana and it was geared towards families. We threw on our shoes and made it a few minutes late, and I thought of calling you, but it seemed like an unvitation rather than an invitation. Anyway, I say this now to say that I was thinking of you and Zinashi. Sorry we missed Halloween, but we’re looking forward to that next opportunity. Hair-wise, you did GREAT. Can you do something with this mess I have here?

  2. Sharon

    One request – in due time? A video of her babbling in Amharic and her other tongue, playing completely unselfconscious and happy and not worried about the camera? Maybe she could give us a video tour of her room or her house?

    Again, all in good time.

  3. Glo

    I love how in love you are with your daughter!

  4. Thanks for being transparent about your experience. It adds to the beauty.

  5. Yes, she is pretty great. Call/email me when you are ready for a play date…
    we are open this Thurs and Fri.

    Kristyn & Tegegne Jones

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