Holding Pattern

This morning Jarod and I went to the US Embassy to request that our case be expedited by one week. We didn’t get an answer, and we left behind both our keys to our guest house room and Nola Zinash’s favorite bunny. So we went to the US Embassy twice, actually, and do not have any new information, but we do have our keys and the bunny back. Success rate: 50%! Or at least that’s what I’m saying for now.

This whole process has been all about waiting. There are so many things to wait for, and we have become rather good at it, if by good at it, you’ll accept that we mean that we can sleep at night now when we do not have rather important information at our fingertips. I have become a lot more comfortable with knowing just enough as opposed to knowing enough to plan for the next eight years. So we will wait to see if our embassy appointment will be in one week or two, if we can book flights or if we need to get Jarod’s visa extended. We trust it will all work out. It has so far.

What we can plan is this: we will return to our agency’s guest house on Sunday, which is the last day we can stay at our current guest house. We will meet Nola Zinash’s birth father sometime next week (cue Mary crying here) (and here) (and anytime I think about it). We will go shopping for a few things we’d like to bring back with us–mostly things for friends and family and a few things for Nola Zinash to have as she grows up. We hope to also visit the National Museum and the Lion Zoo (at least, I hope to–I think Jarod would be A-OK if we skipped it). And that’s all we’ve got, except hopes and prayers that our embassy date will indeed be in one week, and we can set our feet on home soil soon. I have mixed feelings about leaving Ethiopia, as it has been such a sweet time here with our daughter, but I know that it will be best for all of us. She needs more routine in her life, a day that is not spent in pursuit of paperwork or internet or the things we left at the US Embassy. I feel this deeply at night, when the twilight bark begins and the cars are honking on the street adjacent to where we sleep. And also, if I may admit my selfishness, I could use a really good shower. You know, one that I don’t have to wait in line for, during which every last bit of shampoo gets rinsed out of my hair.

It will be really wonderful. All of it.

(Not just my shower.)


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  1. Sharon

    Here’s to the SHOWER and to all of your adventures!

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