We’re Already Having Her Practice Smiling with Her Eyes

You guys, I think we accidentally adopted the Queen of Sheba.

queen of sheba

Or maybe a future Gap model?

would you like to make a call?

I mean, come on, this kind of beauty just isn’t fair to all the other aspiring child models.

oh, come on, this is just not fair

But hey, if we need to take her down a notch when her beautiful head gets too large from all the konjo lich and such a beautiful baby and I will give her my ice cream, so cute!, we will just remind her that she declined to play with toys and chose something in a less glamorous category.

no, really, we brought her some toys

All is well here in Addis. We send you joy and love and are planning to surprise you by teaching our daughter a song (though now I have ruined it completely by telling you). I vote for Every Rose Has Its Thorn, but perhaps you would prefer Killing Me Softly? We have heard both live this evening, and really, I just can’t decide.



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6 responses to “We’re Already Having Her Practice Smiling with Her Eyes

  1. Aunt Jessi

    She is soooo gorgeous!! WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME?? We want to meet her!!

  2. Sharon

    Teach her, “I will be your Hero, Baby” or better yet, sing it to her.

    What about the Weepies’ Somebody Loved? Joshua Radin’s Someone Else’s Life? The Beatles’ When I’m 64? David Gray’s The One I Love (which again, you could sing to her)? Tiny Dancer??? Toto’s Africa? Every Little Thing She Does is Magic? Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas is You? Josh Ritter’s Wings?

    And sing her “Shelter” by Ray LaMontagne. 😀

    Love you guys!!!!

  3. Sharon

    Also? Teach her an amazing full-sentence compliment like, “You look very nice today.” Blow them away. I’m sending hugs.

  4. wow. other commenters have other ideas. I thought there were only two votes. If that is the case, then I say Killing Me Softly, only Lauryn Hill’s version though, cause Sinatra massacred it, non?
    I would love to hear her sing it and picture a little Lauryn! hehe
    and she is TOTALLY the Queen of Sheba, WAY TOO gorgeous!
    LOVE YOU AAALLL So much!! I would say that I can’t wait for you to get home, and in so much as you are impacted, I am… but I don’t get to see you regardless. Whine! How can I hug and squeeze her if she is so far away?
    I can ogle her blog. obsessively.

  5. She is beyond gorgeous. Like, cannot-stop-staring-at-her beautiful.

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