Ordinary Days

Today we moved into a larger room at our guest house. When I made the original reservation, I thought it would just be Jarod and me here for the week, so I booked a smallish room. Then we got here, and it was a smallish room (like I requested) and it was very dark and our daughter had only one pair of underwear and I cried. (I also was suffering from a certain female affliction called PMS. Nature’s timing is so beautiful!) But Nola Zinash seemed happy to play in that room, and Jarod went and found a shop to buy more tiny underwear, and all was fine with the world, albeit a bit chaotic with all the suitcases stuffed into our dark, little room.

Today we moved into a room with three beds (one king sized, for sleeping, two twin sized, for Nola Zinash and I to lay out our outfits, of course), a sitting area, and lots of light. It felt like a miracle. As does life lately, even though our days are pretty ordinary. We wake up to a the prayer call first, the morning light second, and a smiling girl third. If I am quick on my feet, I can sneak in a shower before the other guests also decide they want to sneak in a shower before anyone else is awake. (How many others we share one bathroom with depends on the guest count that night and if the second bathroom on the premises is working or not.) We dress our girl, who is becoming opinionated about whether a sock should be worn on the foot or used as a pretend cell phone, and head outside for breakfast. We eat, we play, we put Nola Zinash in the carrier on my back and go for a walk. We have lunch, we endure the protests over a nap (for a girl who was silent and never cried at the transition home, she is certainly finding her voice now), we finally nap, we play, we have dinner, we start down the long, winding road toward bedtime. And that’s it. Sometimes we forget what day of the week it is.

It is Thursday, right?

We owe so many of you replies to your kind comments and emails, and visits to your own websites. We are indebted to you for all your kindnesses, and hope that our hearty thanks will serve as a stand-in for the communication which is forthcoming once we are stateside. We treasure you all. Thank you for being part of our ordinary days; aside from Nola Zinash’s smiles, you are the best part of them.



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2 responses to “Ordinary Days

  1. Joe Sims

    A sock for a cell phone, huh? What sort of reception is she getting? Any cool apps?

  2. Sharon

    Love you! To heck with emails – enjoy your girl!

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