World Premier!!!

She’s even better looking in person! Everyone please say hello to Magnolia Zinash!



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26 responses to “World Premier!!!

  1. Nana

    Magnolia Zinash,

    You are beautiful! I can’t wait to see you!
    Your nana

  2. sarahrosangela

    Gorgeous girl. Truly. I love the change from a solemn expression in the first photos, to smiles with you.

  3. Kori Kimble-Anderson


    I have been quietly following your journey on finding your daughter. It has been quite something to see things come full-circle for you guys! I watched your photo collage and video…I couldn’t help but cry. When you see so much love, there’s nothing for you do do BUT cry! I love all the updates and photos- keep ’em coming!
    All my best for a speedy embassy date and return home!

  4. Amy

    Oh, Mary & Jarod, she’s just beautiful and I’m so thrilled for the three of you! Congratulations and enjoy these sweet first days together.

  5. Michelle West

    What a miracle!! I am brought to tears. I am so glad your family is all together.

  6. nicole steineger

    i. am. weeping. i am so so so very happy for you! praying you will be home soon. i miss you and can’t wait to chat. love to you my dear friend.

  7. She is absolutely beautiful.
    Congratulations on having a daughter!

  8. Mark Begemann

    normally not a big slide show fan but this may be the best video ever made. now that Hannah is a big girl i can say unreservedly that this is the most beautiful little girl in the world!

  9. Emily K.

    I have been following along as well, and can’t believe you finally made it to this day! You made it!!! I am so happy for you!! Beautiful, beautiful family.

    p.s. It does sort of surprise me that you went to the trouble of curling her eyelashes for these photographs though. 😉

  10. Julie

    What a doll! So happy for you guys! Praying for things to move quickly!!

  11. Clare

    I’ve been following your journey (heard of you through Rebecca Woolfe), and am awestruck by her beauty, and filled with such happiness for you and your family! Congratulations, and the best of luck in bringing your daughter home as soon as possible!

  12. holly

    this brought tears to my eyes. such a beautiful video, such a beautiful child. you all make such a great family. my heart is so full for you all – i wish you all the luck with the next stage and a speedy trip home, because i can’t wait to meet her!

  13. we are so happy for you! what a lovely sight to see her look at you both.

  14. I cried. And that’s probably creepy since I don’t actually know you guys. 🙂 Found you via Rebecca Wolfe and since my fiance and I want to adopt internationally I was instantly hooked on your blog and I’m so excited for you guys. Thanks for sharing your story with the world so that people like me can get a glimpse into the journey ahead of time. I LOVE how her expressions change so much from before she met you to after. So many more smiles, and you can see the ease in her face. Like… “Ahhhh, I’m finally home.” 😉

  15. Liz

    She is beautiful! Love the smile at the end…

  16. Tresina

    Awesome. And this is when all the stress at work does not matter. Life will never be the same once you become the parents of a little girl. May continued blessings and great things come your way. Can’t wait to meet her in person.

  17. I wept through most of that – y’all are a family at last. And how happy y’all are together!

    Welcome, Nola Z!

  18. Susan B.

    Such a beautiful smile! Congratulations Mary and Jarod.

  19. Sobbing. So blown away by the love you all have for one another. It looks like you have known one another for a thousand years. Perhaps you have. So much love to all.

  20. Faith

    How beautiful! I know how much you have loved this little girl even before you met her! We are all praying for you at church! Can’t wait until we see her in the Divine Liturgy.

  21. MaryLiz and Kelly

    Nola Zinash is beautiful – we can tell she lights up the room! We can hardly wait to meet her, she is a very special girl, and will be very loved.
    Travel safely and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers!
    maryliz and kelly

  22. Sharon

    YAY! I hae been thinking about you a lot, and this makes me cry!!! You three are perfect together!Happiness! Joy! Cuteness! Tears!

    I have been meaning to email, but it’s been chaotic a bit for me, only in the sense that I HAVE to do less and spend more time on ME, and it’s working and I feel great most of the time. I’m in bed at 9 every night. CRAAAYZAY! And when did I always email you but 2am?


  23. Elizabeth Faherty

    Congratulations!!!! She’s gorgeous!!!

    -Elli Faherty

  24. Rebekah

    I am overwhelmed by your story and your abundant love for your little girl. She is beautiful. The three of you finally together is beautiful.

    My husband and I cannot get pregnant, and for quite a while now I had thought that I had to give up on my lifelong dream of being a mother. I stopped letting myself hope, because it was too painful when I would see other parents with their kids or hear of friends getting pregnant, and realize that that may never be me. Even adoption seemed impossible – the finances, the time and effort, the confusing and complicated process, the feeling that it would never work out for us, the strict requirements of certain countries and our personal history/health standing in the way, etc.

    Then I found a link to your video via Rebecca Wolfe’s (GGC) Twitter account. I watched it not knowing anything about who this beautiful little girl was, or anything about you. Then when it came to the video of you holding her – the look on your face made me cry. I just knew – knew – that this was a mother meeting her daughter for the first time. Your raw love for her is so evident and palpable, I could feel it immediately. I stumbled my way to your blog and started at the very beginning, to read all the way to here.

    I just wanted to tell you that your story has given me hope again. Becoming parents may not come to pass for us, or maybe it will – but I have been so encouraged by your journey and your honesty, your optimism, and your absolute confidence from the get-go that your Nola was out there just waiting for you to find her. I hope that one day I will be able to share in your amazing experience of finding a child – our child, and feeling complete.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m praying for your family. I wish you all the love in the world and all the best.

  25. Amazing journey! Amazing love! Thank you for sharing Magnolia Zinash and the love you have for her, each other and she for you! It’s palpable. You’re in our prayers and hearts.
    Egzabier Yistalign!

  26. Jennifer Webster

    That was beautiful! I was crying by the end of it! You could see her eyes go from emptiness to sheer love to meet her parents! So happy for you three and can’t wait to meet her.

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