All Your Shiro Are Belong to Zinash

Magnolia Zinash (meaning famous, and therefore our famous flower) is here with us. She knows how to hold a pen properly to write, can follow instructions in Amharic and increasingly in English, and will clam up for anyone but us. She prefers shiro for lunch and will eat hers, then yours, then someone else’s. Bakush and amisehgenallo (please and thank you).

There is so much to say about our shy, silly girl, and plenty to share about the surprise of having her around all of the time. But the internet connection is slow, and I know you are longing for photos besides, so I will leave you with the news that we are well and happy and tired and hoping for a few more small miracles. Extraordinary graces have been extended to us here in Ethiopia, and we are grateful for them.

We’ll give you more of what you want (photos, video, details) as soon as we locate some WiFi.

Much love to all of you, and many thanks for following our long journey.



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2 responses to “All Your Shiro Are Belong to Zinash

  1. Mom

    Sooooooooooo…. happy and excited for you! Praying for a quick turn around for your embassy date and have sent that request out to others. I’ll post this blog address to my Facebook page and will try to figure out how to repost what is on Diana’s page. Can’t wait to see all three of you!! Love to all of you.
    Mom & Nana

  2. inventingliz

    Love her name! So glad things are going so unexpectedly well – hoping to see pictures soon!

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