Two Days, But Really Just One

First of all, I’d like to thank Rebecca of Girl’s Gone Child for linking to my room decor post on Twitter. Many of you came from there today, and I say a great big WELCOME! I am so excited to have more of you along for the ride. I am sorry that I cannot yet share photos of our lovely daughter; until she is ours by Ethiopian law, we are not allowed to share identifying information, including Ethiopian name and any photos, online. Our court date is September 29, and if we pass, you’d better believe we will post a ton of photos then. I hope you enjoy a good video montage!

For a quick rundown, the way Ethiopian adoption currently works is that we appear in court to verify that we have met our daughter and do want to adopt her, and if all other information is in order from her birth family and Ethiopian authorities, she becomes legally ours. After that, our agency obtains the new birth certificate and some other paperwork necessary to receive a US visa, and we have a hearing at the US Embassy in Addis Ababa. The length of time between these two dates is generally four to six weeks. Jarod must return home to work, but I am staying in Ethiopia for the duration, and Jarod will return to attend the embassy appointment when it is scheduled. We will take physical custody of Nola once Jarod has returned to Addis. Once we have gotten the visa from the embassy, we will all fly home together, possibly nicely dosed on Benadryl, which not only will help with sleep, but also prevent motion sickness (big thanks to Nicole for passing that info on).

And so, when I say I am packing, I am packing. Staying in Addis for six-ish weeks in accommodations which may or may not include a shower is serious. I will not go unprepared; I am taking a hat as a precaution! I also must pack these rabbits for my daughter:

the rabbit family

I didn’t share them in the room tour because they are no longer in the room, and I just couldn’t let that go. If you click on the photo, there’s more info in the caption on Flickr.

My list for tomorrow is substantial. I am calming myself by telling myself that most things will only take five minutes, maybe less! But I know that I will be up early to start scurrying around and then up late finishing up the last of the packing/dishes/car seat installment. Guess who’s ordering a venti tomorrow?

But we are mostly ready. I suppose if the homegrown tomatoes rot in the produce bowl and I forget to run the dishwasher, no one will perish. In fact, some things will grow!

Today has been full, in a good way and in an inconvenient way (dairy with doxycycline will make you ill for about two hours–I find out these things so you won’t have to), and I am more than ready to shower and call it a day. When I wake up, there will be one more busy day between us and our plane ride.




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5 responses to “Two Days, But Really Just One

  1. Liz

    So exciting! Have a wonderful trip, and enjoy your time in Ethiopia – if I had it to do again, and had the financial resources, I would have spent more time there!

    Safe travels!

  2. Ack! So excited for you! Happy trails! Almost! And thank you for the thank you. You inspire me.

  3. Thanks for the doxy tip! Praying you pass court!

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