Made With Love

It has been such a pleasure to decorate Nola’s room. I am so pleased to show it off to you today. What is in it is a combination of things given, bought, found, reused, and made by hand. It’s a pretty special room. Let’s get right to the photos, shall we?

her bed

This is Nola Z’s bed, which was made by Jarod and his dad, and covered with fabric by Jarod’s mom. We used the instructions from Design Mom, modified for a twin sized mattress. The mattress itself was given to us by our friends Jen and Eric Hurst. The quilt is an heirloom I recently found in my Grannie’s spare room closet, and it is absolutely perfect. Most of the fabrics are children’s prints of animals and toys and such; thanks to the entire Begemann family for not realizing this existed.

bed and bird print

Here’s a view of the head of the bed and the print above. I wanted to hang the print a bit lower, but I think it’s more important to keep it out of reach of curious fingers. I know how three-year-old minds think!

i made those pillows

Here’s a little closer view of the throw pillows and doll. The doll is from Tada! Creations and was a gift from the Murphy family. The idea for the throw pillows came from this post by Design Mom (are you sensing a theme here?), but the company doesn’t make country or continent pillows, and I can’t afford their prices on our adoption budget besides, so I spent less than $10 at Joann to get the materials and then spent a load of time hand sewing them. I might have been able to do part of the sewing with a machine, but I’m not that precise, particularly when something is moving fast, so I opted to sew by hand, mostly in the car, or at work after children had gone to bed.

bird print and decals

That print also deserves a closer look. It came with the threaded flowers included, and I attached it to the bird nest on the wall next to her bed. I love it. You can get similar prints at Artocrat.

that glorious light fixture

This light fixture is straight from our basement. I bought it years ago at Target, where I’d seen it and loved it and waited for it to go on clearance. I am so glad I purchased it, as I can’t imagine something more perfect for this room. The curtains you see in the other photos also came from our basement and were leftover from decor in my last apartment–a little oxygen bleach and they were good to go. If you keep such things in your basement, I recommend doing a thorough inventory before setting out to buy new things for decorating.

let what you love be what you do

Nola’s dresser was a generous gift from our friends John and Judy Romero, who did an IKEA run during a power outage and still managed to get everything we wanted except for a rabbit hooded towel. When they delivered the loot to our house, they not only took us out to dinner, but also refused to let us pay them for the dresser and other items. I think they could win an award for Most Generous People Alive. The frame in the photo above broke when it was taken out of their van, but I super glued it back together, and we’ll use it as is. You’ll see an abacus and an empty frame on the wall in other photos; those are also results of their astounding generosity.

south wall

Here we have Nola’s toy table and the wall o’ art. The Jesus picture was in my room when I was a child. The table came from a friend’s garage sale and used to be dark brown. If there’s one thing I’d recommend, it’s buying a gallon of Restoration Hardware’s “The Right White” for use in painting furniture and grungy trim. Not that we’ve even touched the trim in Nola’s room, but there is another small table in there that got the Right White treatment. You can also see the adorable Bla Bla doll in the little wagon, which was a gift from relatives.

east wall

I used to think the Eames style rockers were a little ugly, but they’ve grown on me. Of course we can’t afford a real Eames, but Overstock hooked me up with a knock-off version. I love how it is small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the space, but big enough for us to sit in with our girl. The dress on the wall is from Paris and was given to us by friends who bought it for their daughter when she was small. The little table I found on the side of the road, and it was cherry colored with gum stuck to the bottom when I rescued it. With a coat of Right White and some paper I got in Vancouver while visiting a friend, it has shaped up into a lovely little table on which to set whatever we need. Yes, Nola does have an iPod with a Bose sound dock. She is spoiled, I know. The iPod is my old one, which I rarely take with me anymore, and Jarod won the sound dock years ago. Beneath the table is a bin full of books. We have a ton of books, and will rotate them out from a big shelf in the basement.

nola z's room

And here is the whole room, all together, with cats warming the bed. They hopped on as soon as I had it all made up last night, and this morning I came in to evidence of someone trying to get under the covers. The rug you see was given to us by our friend Janette, who brought it to a group garage sale we were having and told me I could just take it when I asked how much she wanted for it. This room is truly made by generosity and love.

In this photo you can also see the yellow wall with all the decals. I got them from Wow Wall and have been very pleased with their service and the ease with which I was able to apply the decals. They really make the room. The color on the wall is Yellow Finch from Benjamin Moore, and the paint was a no-VOC paint. No odor, and it came out looking fantastic. I am so happy with this room. I hope that Nola likes it, too.

PS–FIVE DAYS. You may now begin hyperventilating in my honor.


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15 responses to “Made With Love

  1. Joy

    Lovely! The wall colours are perfect, and all the special “finds” and tucked away re-discoveries add those special details. Hence why I keep everything, accept others’ cast-offs, have (had) a habit of buying treasures for hopeful/possible future use when I see them, and have a major storage/overcrowding issue…and you have proven why this is not a bad thing!

  2. I am in LOVE with this room!! You did an amazing job!

  3. Liz

    It’s beautiful! She will love it!

  4. Joy

    It’s lovely and whimsical. I think your daughter will feel welcomed and loved when she enters. 🙂

  5. findingmagnolia

    Thank you, ladies. I know that I like it, but it means a lot to hear that others like it, too.

  6. This is perfection. Absolutely perfection. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a child’s bedroom more. I’m thrilled for your family and for that darling girl soon to come home to such a magical place.

    • findingmagnolia

      Thank you! This means a lot to me because I really love your style! We cannot wait until we can properly show off the little girl that will live in that room.

  7. This is gorgeous! Absolutely everything is put together with such love and care that it made me just a little verklempt to look at it. Congratulations! Your little girl is going to love it.

    • findingmagnolia

      Thanks so much! Yet another woman with great style offering a compliment–my head is starting to swell! As for feeling verklempt, feel free to do a little crying on our behalf–I know that I don’t need to be doing any more (though, really, it’s inevitable).

  8. I love it. You did a great job decorating! The look of the room feels comfortable. Like you want to hang out in there and play. I loved that you have the Jesus picture that was in your room as a little girl in her room. That is super sweet.

  9. Jen

    I ditto everyone elses comments! So spectacular of a room. She’s gonna love it. The attention to detail, the effort and love you’ve put in really shows and I agree, you have amazing friends who showed their support. Way to go!

  10. findingmagnolia

    Jennifer and Jen, thank you both. Really, now, my head is enormous from all the compliments! I hope I still fit through the door of the the airplane!

  11. Glo

    What a stunning room! What a beautiful space for your daughter to call her own.

  12. Karen

    Such a great room for your baby girl. I’m sure she will love it.

  13. Wow. That room is AMAZING. What a lucky little girl you will have! And what generous, loving people surround you!

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