I Think We All Can Count By Now

Even backwards. But I still need to say it.

Seven days.

One week.



I’m going to start having dreams about forgetting something essential again; I just know it. It’s been a busy and wonderful and sad and full couple of days (all of those things at once, yes, such are the times we live in right now). I am behind on everything. Tomorrow will be another full day, and then there’s Monday, the mother of all catch-up days. And then Tuesday and Wednesday and pretty soon the week will have disappeared and we’ll be putting our passports in my dorky passport carrier that hangs around my neck and tucks into my trousers, and we will get on a plane and that will be that. What doesn’t get done won’t get done. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine with that when I see a certain little face. Until then, this is me, hanging in there, heading to bed early. Goodnight, all.


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One response to “I Think We All Can Count By Now

  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Rage Against the Minivan! Congrats on traveling so soon-you must have gotten a court date right before closures! We’re adopting a baby girl…we received her referral on 7/16. The past two months have been agonizingly slow, and we, too, are counting down until court opens (hopefully we can get a date assigned quickly)! In reading through your posts, I can relate to so much…the relief that she’s healthy but the regret of missing each pound she puts on and inch that she grows…and of course the joys of starting the oral typhoid!
    I’ll check back in on your travel countdown! What agency are you with?

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