Today we began our oral typhoid vaccine. It is taken every other day, and there are four doses. You may not eat for one hour after taking it, and the drink you have with it must be body temperature or below. There are a lot of requirements for this! It also must be refrigerated; we are keeping it in the cheese drawer. It’s a live vaccine, and I’m getting too much of a kick out of saying that there’s typhoid in my refrigerator. When my heart is heavy, I will take my humor wherever I can get it.

On Sunday, we start our anti-malarial medication, which is also commonly used to fight acne. I have nothing funny to say about that since I am serious about hoping that it clears up my acne. These stress zits have got to go.

Did I mention we’re ten days away from leaving? At this hour, we’re actually ten days away from being on a plane over the Atlantic. When I am tired, I tell myself, “Mary, you can sleep on the plane.” Now we’re close enough that it seems like that relief is within reach.


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  1. Liz

    You are crazy if you think you are going to sleep on that plane! 😉

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