Lucky 13

Thirteen days is all we’ve got. I can’t believe it. Everything is coming together, slowly but surely, and we will get on that plane on the 25th with confidence. Just today Jarod and his dad built Nola’s bed. An Ethiopian friend at church told me that I could stay with her aunt while Jarod is back in the US. I finished up the laundry I need to do in order to pack the rest of my clothes. It is all getting done, just like everyone said it would. And suddenly, it’s all so unbelievable, all of it. If you only knew how long I dreamed of being a mother, of all those years spent taking care of other people’s children, waiting for my turn.

It’s my turn. In thirteen days, we get on a plane that will take us to Ethiopia, and I will not set foot on US soil again without my daughter next to me.

Life is good.



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2 responses to “Lucky 13

  1. Liz

    Now it’s 12 days – deep breaths!

  2. findingmagnolia

    Liz, you are always so supportive. Thank you. It really means a lot to me.

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