I need to stop watching others’ videos of meeting their children and coming home; it makes me terribly sad. It didn’t always, but now we are so few days away from our long flight to our girl that it just makes it harder to wait, harder to be so far away from our little girl. She has been without a family for five months. It will be nearly six months since her relinquishment by the time we get to her. I know that she is being loved on and cared for beautifully, but oh, it is just not the same as having a family of one’s own. I ache for her to know the security of waking up to a Mama and a Daddy every single day.

But it’s just three weeks from now, plus a couple of days, that we will be in the air on the way to the city where our daughter lives. It is not long from now, and each day has something to fill it, usually more than one something. The day will be here before I know it, and this time will be a distant memory.

I have not spoken a lot about the connection I feel to my daughter. Maybe you would think it is strange. But when she was days away from being relinquished, I had a terrible dream; when she was moved from the orphanage to the transition home, I felt a heaviness; and just days ago, when other families were in Addis to pick up their children, I felt inexplicably, suddenly sad. That she notices other children coming and going, I have no doubt. I’m not sure how much she understands about where she is and why. I do not know what they have told her about us yet, if anything. But perhaps she is wondering when it is her turn. When will her family come for her?

Soon, yeneh konjo, soon. We will come for our brave, beautiful girl soon.



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3 responses to “SoClose

  1. Liz

    Such a sweet post…hang in there for another little while, you will be with her soon!

  2. I remember this from being pregnant – the closer the time gets, the more impossibly long it seems.

    Are those Nola feet in the header? Sweet girl.

    Y’all are lucky to have each other. I can’t wait to hear about your happy beginning.

  3. ethiopian person

    yene konjo, nice.

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