Four Weeks

Four weeks from tonight, I’ll be up way too late, stuffing things into my suitcase and making lists of things in order that I don’t forget them in the morning. I’ll be anxious and I’ll be happy and I’ll be just wanting to get in the car already and take off already and have our layover already and land in Addis already and go to bed already to meet our daughter the next morning already.

This is happening so fast. Time has suddenly sped up and I am all at once grateful and trying to put on the brakes. I am ready to see her but there is so much still to get done.

It’s a good thing all that remains of my vaccination reaction is a rash. I mourn those two lost days, but what can I do? Just work a little harder tomorrow to catch up is all. And Sunday. And Monday. And probably every day after that. You may see me in a frenzy soon; please either ignore me or bring me an iced mocha. Your choice.



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3 responses to “Four Weeks

  1. Liz

    Four weeks will go so quickly! Glad you’ve bounced back from the shots.

  2. i’ve been a lurker for a while but have so enjoy watching your journey.

    i hope everything falls into place these next four weeks! and i heartily agree that an iced mocha makes every day better!

  3. Susan B.

    Let me know when you are ready for my help. I usually have Wednesday and Thursday open.

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