Today was what we thought would be the last visit to the international travel doctor, but then it turned out that they were out of the typhoid vaccine, so we’ll have one more visit. No matter–the doctor said it was probably better to wait two weeks anyway since we got so many shots today. Three shots each, five diseases against which we are now both vaccinated. During our previous appointments, we had both caught up on some childhood disease boosters (polio for me, tetanus for Jarod), and also got vaccinated for Hepatitis A and yellow fever. Today we finished out our round of Hepatitis B shots (three total), updated our MMRs since neither of us could remember getting the booster as an adult, and for the big excitement, we got vaccinated for meningitis. YES! Surprisingly enough, the MMR booster was the worst of the bunch, but you know that there’s cause for concern about how you’ll feel for the rest of the day when the doctor hands you a packet of Extra Strength Tylenol and a little cup of water, then hands you another packet and says, “four to six hours from now.” After that, we felt we deserved a treat (okay, fine, I felt we deserved a treat, and Jarod was easily persuaded), so we stopped into LatteLand. I’ve started to feel drowsy well before the caffeine from my treat should have worn off, so I think that’s the vaccines doing their business in my body. Awesome.

So that’s one more thing checked off of one of our lists. And for those of you who would like to keep track at home, there are just four and a half weeks until we leave. Nola’s bag is mostly packed, and mine has several items in it already. I’m trying to check one or two items off our “still to buy” list every time I’m at Target. We’re getting there. And then we’ll be there. With her. Hallelujah.


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