Nola in Motion

Last night we received a short video of our daughter, in which she proves that she’s the most adorable child on the face of the earth. During the video, the woman who is shooting it is asking her to blow kisses. Nola puts her lips together and looks confused, then gives up. At the end, she is asked to do it again, and just as the camera is being turned off, she tilts her head, and you can hear her go, “Huh?” I think she might be a lot like me. I am also told that during the photo session, she started to just wander off. This sounds remarkably similar to the way I behaved when I was on a T-ball team for one short season. Regardless, we think this video is the most fascinating video we have ever watched. Our evening pretty much disappeared once we received it.

Watching her, we suspect that she is not yet three, or if she is, she has just turned three. It’s a tough call, as many children are delayed in some areas, and we may never know for sure. What we do know is that birth records are often drawn up on the spot when a child is relinquished, and birthdays simply aren’t important to Ethiopians the way they are to Americans. Our daughter’s birthdate is listed as the day before her relinquishment. Our guess is that when she was brought to the orphanage, the person relinquishing her gave an estimate for her age. It happens a lot. We are not surprised. Whether or not we try to go through the hassle of changing the date on her birth certificate, however, remains to be seen. We’ll have time and doctors’ evaluations to decide that. I suppose the one sense in which it matters is when she starts school.

For now, we will just keep watching and watching and watching the video.


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