Making Three Lists, Checking Them Twice

I’ve got an old page-a-day sudoku calendar floating around in my work bag, and I’ve taken to finishing a puzzle and using the back for lists. Wednesday at work, I finished three puzzles, and thus had paper for my three adoption travel lists. I have a packing list for me, a packing list for Nola, and a list of things that must be done before I leave. I am letting Jarod make his own packing list, which he probably won’t do, since he’s all fly-by-night devil-may-care spontaneous and will just open his suitcase and put things inside. He will probably not forget anything, or the number of things he forgets will be the same as mine, even with my list. But lists make me feel better, and I especially feel I need one since I will be in Ethiopia for so long and will not return to pack more things for Nola. Her list actually includes a sub list entitled, “Jarod Brings 2nd Trip.”

The lists are also handy for keeping track of things we need to purchase–full size bottles of shampoo, for instance, and extra dental floss. You may or may not be aware that I have a flossing compulsion and cannot fall asleep if I haven’t practiced proper dental hygiene, so this is clearly very important. Because purchasing everything at once would add up quite a bit, I am softening the blow by purchasing one or two things each week. This also helps me feel like I am marking time in a significant way. Each week, I am more ready than the week before. I have to do what I can so I don’t go crazy obsessing about it. When I feel like I’m making progress, I am not worried. When there’s nothing to do, I start reading horror stories about head lice and getting worried that my tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner will not repel the little pests. So I’m keeping it sane and checking items off my list. I am putting things in a stack for me, and directly into our daughter’s bag. It still blows my mind that we have a daughter and she has luggage because she is coming to our house to live.

I mean, wow, right?



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One response to “Making Three Lists, Checking Them Twice

  1. inventingliz

    Wow is right!

    I know what you mean about feeling better if you have a list, but try not to obsess too much… Addis is a city. More than likely, if you forget something that you find you absolutely must have, you can buy it there.

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