A Few Fundraising Notes

Talking about adoption fundraising is always a little sticky. I’m a little bit wary of it because I don’t want us to constantly be asking others for stuff–it seems a little impolite–but also because it’s just awkward in general. I’ve seen some snarky comments on message boards when people ask about adoption fundraising ideas, and the tone is one of condescension, as if those who do fundraising are financially irresponsible people who expect others to pay for everything for them. Most of the people I know who have used fundraising tools to help with adoption expenses have not been those sorts of people. We have savings. We’ve given things up. We have a plan for how to make it work if the fundraising doesn’t work out at all. And finally, we are willing to work for what we are given, to offer something in exchange for the funds. This is why we have a Storenvy store and why our next and final fundraiser is set up the way it is. If it is important to you, we want to offer you something in exchange for helping us out.

Adoption financing is an odd thing. There are tax credits to be had and employer assistance, but those things are available after the adoption is final, whereas the fees are all due up front. We received a number on a sheet of paper that estimated the cost, but there are always new things cropping up. For the most part, we do our best to work those small unexpected expenses into our family budget. But to be honest, now that we’re paying off two loans (which will be paid off by those aforementioned tax credits and employer assistance, but must be paid by us in the meantime), it’s a bit harder to do that. Add in travel expenses, and the budget gets pretty squeaky. So we’re doing a few small things that we hope will help with that.

1. We are reminding you that we have an online shop with official Finding Magnolia shirts and tote bags in it, as well as various other handmade goods.

2. We are reminding you that donations via Gotcha Gift Registry are still welcome.

3. We are asking you local Kansas City folks to save the date for an Ethiopian dinner and silent auction on the evening of Friday, September 17. We will be sending out invitations by mail, so please e-mail me at marymuses at gmail dot com and provide your address if you would like to come. We will also be collecting orphanage donations that evening, and a list of needed items will be provided in the invitation.*

4. We are asking you to keep an eye on our fundraising thermometer there to the right; our goal is to raise enough to cover the expenses of Jarod’s second plane ticket and my stay in Ethiopia, plus a few other unexpected expenses related to adopting a three-year-old as opposed to a baby. (Surprise! She’s three! Also surprise! You need to buy a separate plane ticket for her!)

To those of you who have given so freely to us already, we are grateful for your support. You are forever a part of Magnolia’s story, and of ours. Thank you.

*If you would like to contribute orphanage donation items and cannot attend the dinner, please e-mail me, and I will provide a list and will pick up if you are local. You can also donate funds via Gotcha Gift Registry, and we will use the amount to purchase whatever supplies are most needed.


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