Seven Weeks, Not Quite

We leave September 25. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the exact date of our departure yet. But there it is. Seven weeks from yesterday. Which might sound like a long time, but I know from the way time has flown since we first saw her photo that it really isn’t, especially when there’s plenty to do and an extended stay in Ethiopia to plan for. We are excited to meet our girl. We are ready to be her parents. At the same time, I am relishing the Sunday afternoon naps and the luxury of cleaning out the garage and basement without having to make sure a little someone isn’t up to any mischief. I treasure these days when the house is quiet, not because we wouldn’t want her here if she could be, but because this represents the closing of a chapter of our lives that has been very good. If I were to be overly anxious about meeting our daughter, I would completely miss out on enjoying the things that are good about life now that will likely change. So I’m being patient with time as it passes, and using it not only for getting things done, but also for recognizing and enjoying those things which will come to an end. Life has been good and will be good. We are grateful.


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One response to “Seven Weeks, Not Quite

  1. Huh. You go ahead and be calm. I’m careening off the walls with excitement for you! (smash!)

    (They’re so happy at work that I got the good news here! hee!)

    The end of September is a LOVELY time to welcome your Nola. Leaves all gold and red, a world filled with new colour and change, everywhere you look.

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