Book ‘Em!

This morning I called our travel agency and gave all the pertinent information related to purchasing plane tickets and travel insurance. We have plane tickets. I’ve heard this means that we are actually traveling to Ethiopia. It’s still surreal that we have a daughter who will be here for the holidays.*

After becoming absolutely spoiled rotten by spending his past two birthdays in international vacation spots, Jarod decided that this birthday also should be spent abroad, and handily enough, he requested a birthday in Addis Ababa. So we are staying beyond the recommended one-day-post-court-date, and Jarod will fly home October 7. According to my ticket, I will fly home November 17. It’s highly likely this will need to be changed once we know our embassy date, but what it means for sure is that I am staying in Ethiopia for, like, ever. Or at least until our daughter comes home. I am thrilled. It feels good to have plane tickets set, it feels good to put something solid behind our decision to have me stay, it feels good to simply have some sort of a plan for anything.

Two months from today, we appear in Ethiopian court. Two months. It’s really not that long. I thought it was, but it’s not. It will be here before we know it.

I am very, very glad.

*Typical adoption disclaimer to confirm that, yes, I realize that anything can happen and there could be snags and it could be a nightmare and blah blah blah we still think she’ll be home by Thanksgiving. We reserve the right to be correct or incorrect, whichever ends up being the case.


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