I am Mom Jeans

There are two families heading to Ethiopia right now that will take photos of our girl. This makes me feel like crying. Lots of things make me feel like crying. I should have bought more waterproof mascara for this time in my life. Or perhaps I should forgo makeup altogether and embrace the Frumpy Mom look in advance. I’m just a few clicks away from ordering my mom jeans! Let’s make this Mom thing happen!

Last night I sat in Nola’s room for a long time; it’s turned out just the way I was hoping it would, and that makes me feel good. When I am struggling with the fact that our daughter is half a world away and there’s nothing that we can do to speed the time until our court and embassy dates are appointed for us, I find comfort in doing what I can do for her here. I really can’t wait to show off to you guys what we’ve done in there. We’re one small project and one big one away from the big reveal, and I can hardly believe it. So much has come together in these few days, and I am pleased as punch. I hope Nola is pleased as punch, too, when she sees the space we’ve made for her.


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