Nola’s Stash

If I took a photo of all the things I’ve picked up for our girl on clearance (or, ahem, not clearance), I would be a trifle embarrassed and you might feel the need to judge me harshly, depending on how you feel about stocking up on clothes for a child who may or may not exist yet. But it’s been therapeutic for me to do this, to hope and plan and dream and put real things in the tubs I bought just for her. If she had a dresser, I would have put things in and on it already. You might say I’m getting ahead of myself, and I’d say, “You may be right.” Then again, better to pay $3.24 now than $12.99 later. Am I right?

As it stands, Magnolia Middle-Name-Unknown McBride (Nola for short) is the hopefully-proud owner of a good many dresses, blankets in a variety of weights and sizes to suit the weather and the activity, far too many soft toys, a bumblebee maraca, so many pajamas that I had to cut myself off (No more pajama racks for you, ma’am, I MEAN IT!), a stroller (thanks, Mom and Dad), a car seat (infant through 65 lbs., $100 off, let’s hear for Christmas bonuses and my mad bargain hunting skillz), and who knows what else.

And then today I bought a diaper bag.

Now all we need is the baby.

Well, and maybe a place for her to sleep. Details.



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3 responses to “Nola’s Stash

  1. Magnolia is a lucky, lucky girl.

  2. Nola! I love it. I totally get wanting to buy things for your little one. We’ve got a stash started ourselves.

    It was great finally getting to talk with you. Thanks for coming to the yard sale!

  3. I’m not sure if I’ve left a comment yet here or not! But I’d like to say…I’ve really enjoyed reading through this blog, and I am praying for baby Magnolia and for your family.

    My husband and I just started the process of adoption ourselves…an Ethiopian baby girl as well!…and reading your story has been a valuable resource. It helps me know what to expect in the coming months…at least a little bit…I know a lot of unexpected can happen on this journey!


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