Plodding Along

Before I say anything else, I’d like to direct you to the comments on my last post; some of the information I read (and then passed on) regarding why the new two trip rule exists was in error. Rebekah corrected me, so please read her comment.

And now on to the…lack of excitement? We’re still hanging out, waiting, slowly moving up the wait list. Last time I asked our agency where we were on the list, we were told #54, and there have been seven referrals since then, so unless there’s some strange adoption math I’m unaware of, we are now #47. Wait time for baby girls has been consistent at 14 months lately, but I think it could be a little shorter for us, just judging by the fact that the wait list was much longer when current referral families joined it than when we did. (A lot of them joined when the list was well over 100 families long, whereas it was under 70 when we hopped on the waiting train.) Then again, international adoption is unpredictable, so it might be longer than that. But my gut says shorter and spurs me on to meet financial and home readiness goals sooner, so I’m going with the gut for now. It’s more productive.

Also, I had a nightmare, and it seemed…significant. I don’t have much more to say about that at this time, just that it has struck me and stuck with me, and I cannot shake the feeling of it meaning something. I don’t feel anxious, and I don’t feel like it means anything at all regarding our timeline, but it has me thinking. That’s all.

Perhaps the invisible thread between us and our daughter is connected even now.


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