New Items in Our Store, Including Finding Magnolia Shirts!

It might not be the best time to be shopping, what with Christmas barely over, but have you considered what you’re giving your valentine this year? Or if you might to make Magnolia your valentine by sporting one of her shirts? I’ve just added a ton of stuff to our online store, from Finding Magnolia tees to handmade goods from dear friends. Please take a look by clicking on our Storenvy button in the sidebar!

You will also notice another button below that; we have been working with the fabulous Kelly Ellison for help with adoption fundraising, and we are proud to be the newest Gotcha Gift Registry family. Kelly is an adoptive mother herself, to adorable Maya from China, so she understands the joys and difficulties of adoption. We are privileged to be working with her as we get closer to bringing Magnolia home.

Speaking of bringing Magnolia home, for those of you who wonder if there’s anything new besides the t-shirts, the answer is no. Well, unless you count checking the mailbox obsessively in hopes of finding an I-171H inside. That’s new, but not necessarily exciting. We will shout it from the rooftops once we get that last piece of paper, so prepare your ears. In addition to wearing your Finding Magnolia shirt, you might also want to be wearing earplugs.

Coming soon: Finding Magnolia tote bags and eventually some really cute handmade potholders!


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