Allow Me to Take This Moment

Maybe there was something about sending an update e-mail to our adoption consultant at the agency combined with getting an adoption joke e-mail from our social worker combined with reading timelines on other adoption blogs, but it occurred to me suddenly, with force, that our life is truly in the process of changing. Even those who waited longest for their referral didn’t wait that long (though I’m sure it felt that long to them). Oh, I know we’ve been working on our paperwork forever, and I’ve been buying and scavenging and making over stuff for the baby for just as long, but it never seems quite real. It seems like a lot of lists and a lot of papers that may or may not be done properly and checks to be written and plans to be made for someday or something or…I don’t even know. Everything has seemed so matter of fact up to now. I need this document done in this way with these stamps and signatures and such on it and that’s that. I don’t know why, really, it hit me tonight, but suddenly, looking at the timelines and the photos of actual children that are with their families because of the same process we are going through, it seemed real. And I know that I don’t have any new news for your or anything to add that I haven’t said before, but I want to mark this moment before it’s gone.

What we’re doing, this thing with all the papers and the confusion and the red folder that is the one non-living thing we’ll grab should there be an emergency, will result in a baby who will live at our house.

And DUDE. WHOA. That’s gonna be awesome.



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4 responses to “Allow Me to Take This Moment

  1. Yes. It will be.

    And I can’t wait for it to start!

    Good on you for marking this – the hush before it all begins…

  2. Liz

    I’m not sure the reality of what I was doing really hit me until I met Elfe for the first time! I had that exact same feeling of working on a project that seemed done once all the papers were in and I was officially on the waiting list…but the project is really just beginning!

    Enjoy this waiting time if you can – you’re not going to be prepared no matter what you do…

  3. I tear up every. single. time. I read this blog. How lame am I ?? Seriously.
    I love your cards. do you take credit cards? Can I order them to be sent to someone else?
    Don’t get too excited by my interest yet, because in spite of my great desires, the irony is that we have in fact, no kidding, $8 in our account.
    So I don’t think you’re getting it. But when we have more…. oh ya… and I’m believing for that day to come!

    • findingmagnolia

      You can totally use a credit card. Payment is via Paypal, and I think they take most major cards. You can have things shipped wherever and to whomever, and I will even enclose a note. I strive for excellent customer service.

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