Fingers Crossed

The best social worker in the whole wide world worked her social worker magic, and guess who got into the Department of Homeland Security today? That’s right, yours truly. After four days of rigorous moisturization and stooping so low as to exfoliate my fingertips last night, I felt I was ready. Handily enough, Wednesday is fingerprint make-up day, and I didn’t have to be to work until 11:30am, so today was the day of magic. I hope. I had the same tech as last time, and she said the prints look much better, so we’re all crossing our fingers (yes, all of us, CROSS ‘EM, yes, YOU) that they can be read and that it will be revealed that I do not have a secret criminal background.

And still, we are waiting for that one piece of paper, the I-171H. Broken record, I know. If you cross your fingers hard enough, perhaps we’ll have different news for you within a week.


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One response to “Fingers Crossed

  1. Cliff Jones

    Diane and I were at your mom’s and dad’s last night for our annual old folk’s new year’s eve party and CatchPhrase tournament with the Johnsons. Your mom gave us your Magnolia blog address and I just spent a wonderful 1/2 hour catching up. I’m breathless! Looking forward to following your wonderful adventure.

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