It Cannot Be Helped

I’ve had to buy a second storage tote. Magnolia, though she might not exist yet, got a couple of Christmas presents, and then I got some stuff on clearance, and now it’s just ridiculous. But I can’t help myself; I’d rather have the lion’s share of what we’ll need and not have to worry about it once we’re paying the loan for our referral fee. It’s after Christmas, but I’ve made a list, and I’ll be checking it twice, and I won’t feel at ease until we’ve got the nursery set up. I understand that the wait for baby girls is long, and we do not even have our I-171H yet (another adoption family referred to this as “the Golden Ticket,” and yes, indeed, I wholeheartedly agree with that moniker for it), but might I remind you that international adoption is unpredictable? And that there are a variety of special needs we feel comfortable with? Like a boy scout, I desire to be prepared.

Besides, once all the necessary items are purchased, I can focus on the frivolous ones. It’s just not like to me resist a hippo in a dress for too awfully long.


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