I’ll Need a Dental Appointment Daily Until the 20th, Please

That title will make no sense unless I preface what I’m about to tell you with the information that my dentist offers a paraffin hand dip during each visit. So. There’s that.

And now there’s this: another little bump in the road. I received a letter today from immigration that stated that my fingerprint card could not be read by the FBI. I’ve been instructed to come back at 8am on January 20th. I’m fairly certain that the problem is that my hands are so dry that there are tiny cracks in my finger pads. As the tech was doing my prints, she asked if I work with my hands a lot; when I looked at my fingerprint on the screen, I saw little splits all over my fingertips. I’m not surprised that I have to go back, but I am a bit discouraged. In the winter, my hands are the kind of dry that causes socks to stick to them when I am folding laundry; however am I going to get them moisturized well enough that all the tiny cracks will disappear for my next fingerprint appointment?

I go to the dentist on Monday; it’s too bad the moisturizing effects of the paraffin hand dip won’t last three weeks. Perhaps I’ll come up with a dental emergency on the 19th.


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One response to “I’ll Need a Dental Appointment Daily Until the 20th, Please

  1. Corn huskers lotion, I tell you. That did the magic for me on my THIRD fingerprint attempt. It’s a good thing I don’t wear nylons…I’d have them ripped to shreds, as dry as my hands are.

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