Ever Closer

Yesterday I opened up our mailbox to find an envelope from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security inside. I ripped it open immediately, and you can tell. No letter openers for us! If necessary, we use our teeth! Inside was our fingerprint appointment information, which indicated that we do not have an appointment. Wait. What? We don’t have an appointment because we can go anytime the office is open within the next 84 days. We will go on Monday. The I-171H cannot be far behind, which means that we must get one last thing that I have forgotten about consistently since we began collecting paperwork: passport photos. I’m pretty sure my forgetfulness is due to the fact that the photos do not have to be notarized or state certified or anything. We just…get them. After all the chasing after notary stamps and state seals, that feels odd. I have made myself a note so that I won’t forget one more time; once that I-171H shows up, I want it to be the only thing we have to prepare and put in the envelope. If there’s a Christmas miracle, perhaps we will have that piece of paper soon after the new year begins. I would love that.

Magnolia McBride, we are one step closer to you, and on Monday we’ll move two more steps closer. Before you know it, we will scoop you up in our arms and never let you go. Won’t that feel good?


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  1. I am so excited to be along on this journey!

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