Window Shopping

For me, one of the joys of being in the process of adopting is that I get to do a lot of window shopping and dreaming* about what our daughter will wear and play with and ride in and such. Some things are necessities, but some things are just fun. For example, I have signed up to be notified when this dapper fellow is restocked. A grasshopper. Wearing trousers. I am deep in toy love. Actually, I am deep wearables love, too. Wild Dill carries organic, fair, natural products, and I’m hard pressed to find one thing on the site that I think is absolutely hideous. If you know me well, you’ll know this is high praise coming from me.

I am encouraged by how many wonderful options there are now for children’s toys, clothing, and gear. Gone are the days of brightly colored plastic geegaws being the only option. Thanks to the internet, at our fingertips there are not only places to purchase the kinds of things that we want for our daughter, but also a wealth of patterns and tutorials for making it ourselves. I imagine that we’ll go for a good balance between making it ourselves and saving to buy the things we know we wouldn’t do a good job creating from scratch. For example, felt food is within my range of crafting skills; a play kitchen to put it in** is not. I am excited about both the crafting and the searching for just the right items that will delight our girl.

*Okay, fine, you caught me; it’s not been all window shopping and dreaming. Evidence is in the post in which our cat is wearing a baby sweater.

**How sweet is that kitchen? I realize it does not come with a refrigerator component, but it’s cheaper than the Target version, and I cannot resist those wooden mushrooms. Perhaps Santa will want to bring it for Christmas.


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