Now Chasing: One Single Document

That’s right, all our other documents came back just fine from the Secretary of State. Being the anal retentive detail-oriented person that I am, I put them all in order according to the list we have and tucked them neatly into their folder. I put Xs in all the boxes in the “State Certified” column. Aside from waiting for USCIS to come through for us, we are finished with the paper chase. And that one we are not so much chasing as we are just waiting for it to come to us.

I cannot express the relief I feel, looking at that folder and knowing that absolutely everything that I had to chase down is in there and done right and ready to go.

If you’ve got champagne, pour a glass. This is cause for celebration.


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One response to “Now Chasing: One Single Document

  1. Liz

    Whoo hoo! Almost done with the easy part – the really hard part is waiting for the referral!

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