Dreaming Amidst the Stuff of Life

We’re not many minutes away from meeting our favorite notary at the police station to finally get our police clearance letters. You may note that we meant to get these twice before, but holidays have a way of rearranging schedules for entire weeks at a time, so we are getting them today. Thus the machine of my paperwork acquisition begins to whir again. Indeed, the machine of Getting Ready for Baby is whirring. It may seem unrelated, but we are also getting caught up on dental work, and I am getting new glasses. The dental work has been years in the making, as neither Jarod nor I had been to the dentist on a regular basis prior to 2009, and thus have a lot of cavities to fill. In my case, there are also leaky fillings. Mercury just isn’t what they once thought it could be, I guess. As for the glasses, I’ve been using the same ones for at least five years now, maybe six, or even seven. Mostly I wear contacts, but they only work for a certain amount of wakeful hours before drying out, and I do not want to show up to meet my daughter and not be able to see her without blinking a lot and squinting. So we’re taking care of these things now, while we have the time and the money (sort of) and the good sense to do that instead of, say, buying a lot of fabric for little girl clothing. You know how Jarod is, always trying to be crafty. Er, wait, maybe that’s me.

Speaking of being crafty, our Storenvy shop is in the works, and I hope that within the next week I’ll have items ready to fill it. We’ve already been giving some fantastic things by dear friends, and I am getting down to the business of photographing everything and making a few things of my own to put in. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) we will also have t-shirts and tote bags available thanks to the printing services of Storenvy. Shirts will feature the Africa map design from a few posts ago; enough people liked it as is that we decided to keep it and print up some stuff. We’ll have men’s shirts in asphalt and navy (sizes L & XL) and girlie shirts in asphalt and raspberry (sizes M & L), plus tote bags in red, navy, and black (so many choices!). I’m not sure they’ll be ready by Christmas, but if you want to give one as a gift, ask me for details and I can hook you up with a little card with the graphic on it as a placeholder until we have those available for sale. Shirts will sell for $20 each and tote bags will be $15. Girlie shirt sizes run a bit small–they’re American Apparel, so make note of that. I wear a small in a lot of women’s shirts, but always wear a medium in American Apparel items.

We are super excited to be getting so many things done as we prepare for our daughter’s arrival. We know that it might be awhile, but it is always good to dream. It feels especially good during the holidays; I hope you have time to dream during this season, too.


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