Your Assistance is Requested

As many of you know, Jarod and I are working on opening a Storenvy shop to fundraise for our adoption. It will include various handmade goods and also t-shirts and tote bags with our Finding Magnolia logo on them. I’ve got a basic design down for the shirts/bags, but it lacks a certain something. Like awesomeness. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to improve upon our current design. The basics need to remain the same. In particular, on the design that includes the Africa outline, the flower needs to be in that spot because that’s where Ethiopia is. I’d prefer to stick to a single ink color for printing, but two or three colors would be fine if it makes the design extra super awesome. So here we go:

Text only design, for shirts:

finding magnolia text design

Africa outline design for shirts and tote bags:

finding magnolia africa design

Also, if you care to weigh in on shirt and bag colors, please do. We’ll do girlie shirts and unisex shirts.

If your design is chosen, I will not only be forever grateful to you, but I will also bake you something delicious and either deliver it personally or ship it (depending on your location, of course).

Now get to it! I need you!



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4 responses to “Your Assistance is Requested

  1. Glo

    I love the design with Africa and the flower over the location of Ethiopia and the text. However, I didn’t realize it was a flower (even with the Magnolia connection) at first. Maybe I’ve been in CA too long, but it looked more like an artichoke to me. I would still buy and wear one though. 🙂 But, what about a flower design like this:
    It’s simple, beautiful, and would POP! the tshirt. Also, not that this would be right for the tshirt – but I saw this design and couldn’t help but share it with you – I’ve bookmarked it I found it so beautiful:

    • findingmagnolia

      Well, it’s less artichoke-like than the first one. I think we’re going to keep it like this because a) a lot of people claim to like it as is, b) I can’t seem to draw anything better, and c) I’ve run out of time to make corrections. So, congratulations on the future purchase of your artichoke shirt!

      I love that second link. It’s just the kind of thing I would like to frame for her room. What a beautiful find!

  2. Special Agent Duke

    I dig it–it’s lovely! Hey, for the second one how about composing the shape of the continent out of a branch or branches of leaves, with the one magnolia in the sweet spot. That could be nice, too.

  3. findingmagnolia

    Oh, that IS a good idea. We already ordered our first run of shirts and tote bags, but maybe I can work on that for…note cards? Bumper stickers? Tattoos?

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