Class Clown

One of the requirements for adoption through our agency is that we take a parenting class. We needed to either have it done or be registered in one prior to dossier submission. I had a little trouble finding a class that would work for us–it was either newborn care or a series of classes for troubled families. We chose newborn care, and our agency approved, even though Magnolia will not be a newborn when we bring her home. The class was fine, but we both felt that we learned a lot more from the DVD series and the other exercises we’ve done. Aside from the latest info on SIDS, there wasn’t a lot that was new to me. And that’s okay. We did get to play with fake babies, and since no one else in our class was adopting internationally, let alone from Ethiopia, I was able to snag the only fake baby that was not pasty pale or very slightly tan. It was nice not to have to fight over the cutest baby doll in the box. It might have come to fisticuffs; instead it just came to silliness.

we look alike!

We kind of look alike, don’t we? Clearly this was meant to be.



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3 responses to “Class Clown

  1. Glo

    That picture is too adorable!

  2. We’re having to sign up for one of those now. Where did you go. I’m having trouble finding a class too.

    • findingmagnolia

      Shawnee Mission Medical Center was where we went. There were people there from Columbia, MO because there are so few classes available to adoptive parents–this was the closest one to them.

      You can go to the Shawnee Mission Med website ( and click on the tab marked “Classes & Events,” then click on the prompt to register for a class. From there you will be taken to a drop-down menu list of class names, and it is under Newborn Care Adoptive.

      It’s not well suited for international adoption, but it will fulfill the agency requirement in just one short class, so we thought it was the best option since we were learning so much from other sources anyway.

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