Onward We Trudge

Once all this paperwork stuff is done and gone, I’ll start posting photos of the crafty things I do to get ready for the baby, and won’t that be more fun? It will! You know it will!

The good news is that we have just three documents left to procure before I can head to the Secretary of State’s local office to have everything state certified. Two are documents that we originally planned to do on Monday, but our notary was entering a casserole contest, and if someone is entering a casserole contest, I firmly believe they should be free from all other obligations in order to focus on their casserole. This is the law of casseroles, may it be written forever and ever, amen. No letters of police clearance shall interfere. We rescheduled to get those next Monday afternoon, and it’s not bothering me because I know it’s going to get done, and it will get done, and there will be two other people there with me, so even if I feel a little sheepish and afraid to insist upon what we need, I’ve got backup. It’s always good to have backup. The third document is our I-171H form, which will come from USCIS (immigration), and we need our home study to attach to the application before that process gets rolling. But the home study is in the works, all those documents (a whole separate set, yes, that’s right) have finally arrived at our agency’s doorstep, and so I’m not too worried about that either.

We did recently find out that the wait for healthy baby girls is longer than it once was, so I am adjusting to that news and trying not to think too hard about it. The time will pass quickly regardless of whether we wait more than a year or if there happens to be a special needs baby for us before then. I still stand by my original statement that either way is good. If we wait longer, we have longer to save up for the referral and travel fees so our loan will be smaller.* If the wait is shorter, we’ll have a very cute baby sooner. It only gets hard when I see other people having kids while we wait or when I think about my age. On that first point, well, I should also remember that those people no longer have the luxury of sleeping in, and also, Mary, it’s not a contest. On that second point, well, there’s nothing to be done about that except use more eye cream.

And so: onward we trudge. Someday you will show up here to check in on our progress and I will not say a word about paperwork. You’ll either fall over dead from the shock or sigh a huge sigh of relief that the tedium is over. I hope it’s the latter; we’d like to keep you around to see our really cute baby.

*And also I’ll have more time to do baby crafts.


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