Someone please tell me that I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a specially decorated adoption binder. Because we do not have one of those, and it appears that a lot of people in the online adoption world do. Am I missing something by not decorating a three-ring binder? There is absolutely nothing decorated or three-ring about our particular system. All our documents are in a manila folder with the master list, complete with check boxes for each stage (requested, obtained, notarized, state certified), clipped to the outside. It’s quite utilitarian. I guess when it comes to cute, I’ve been focusing on clothes (boy, have I ever, to a shameful degree) and nursery decor. I briefly considered a sweet little accordion folder, but decided I’d rather get something for her to wear off the clearance rack. I’ve got priorities, people, and the level of attractiveness of my paperwork doesn’t even make the list.


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  1. Liz

    I did get a colorful accordian folder, but I use it for other stuff too. And most of my “currently in-process” stuff for the stage I am at now – waiting to travel – is also in a manila folder.

    I’m not a cute-three-ring-binder kinda gal…I don’t scrapbook either…

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