Home Visit Ahoy!

Tomorrow at 9am, the nicest social worker in the world will come to our door to make sure our house is suitable for a child. We spent the day working to get ready, but it wasn’t too stressful. See aforementioned comment about nicest and social worker and in the world. We’ve met with her twice, and she really is just fantastic. I feel at ease with her, and she has assured us that the home visit portion of the home study is not a big deal. However, we do clean and make the bed the first time someone comes over, and if we have time, we also put out the nice towels, arranged just so.

The nice towels are already out, arranged just so.

I am really looking forward to moving ahead with this process. It will be a relief to have all our documents in order and to begin the process of waiting for our referral. Which is to say that I’m looking forward to not worrying about if our documents are in order and instead get to work on the many crafty projects I already have in mind. It seems I read more and more blogs lately that feature families that waited quite a long time to receive a referral. I’m preparing myself to be ready for that. I’m not always very good at waiting, but I will do my very best. After all, once we’ve got her in our arms, I know I won’t really care how long it’s taken. It will probably feel just about right.


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