Making it Happen

I think some people just need a little extra encouragement to get things done; such is the case with our CPA. So I called him again today (note the growing as a person that happened right there) and announced that I would pick up the documents at 4pm Monday. He asked if I’d be in Clinton anyway, as he felt bad that he hadn’t gotten them done for me yet, and I said, “Well, not exactly, but close enough.” By which I meant, “Dude, I am driving all the way from my house to your door because anywhere is close enough when it comes to moving forward on this paperwork. We want this little girl so bad, we’ll double the mileage on our car if necessary.” As soon as that document is in my hot little hands, I can hightail it to the nearest FedEx and have the home study paperwork on its way to our agency. Next to the box marked “Finish collecting home study paperwork,” I can put a gigantic, glorious check mark. I probably would have gone to pick up the paperwork today, but I wanted to strike a balance between lighting a fire under the CPA’s posterior and allowing him to feel like we are reasonable people.

This is going to sound really corny, but sometimes I feel her waiting for us, and it’s all I can do to remain calm and carry on. I think this print would be more appropriate much of the time. Perhaps I’ll get it for her room. What do you think–to the left of the calico or on the opposite wall nearer the grey tortie?

thanks for fixing up this room for us


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